Call for Papers 2020 & 2nd Announcement

Second conference announcement and "Call for Papers 2020" is available for download

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Sponsorship Form 2020

The sponsorship form for the conference 2020 is available now.

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SPE ETD Newsletter Summer 2019

Welcome to the "SPE ETD Summer edition" of our newsletter 2019

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Newsletter Advertising Rates
The "SPE European Thermoforming Newsletter" is published by the European Thermoforming Division of the Society of Plastic Engineers.

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Marc Ommeslagh

We at SPE European Thermoforming Division are very sad to report that Marc Ommeslagh, a former member of our board, has recently passed away.

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Newsletter Summer 2018

Welcome to the "Summer edition" of our newsletter 2018

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Conference 2018 folder & programme

The "Conference 2018 folder" is available for download now

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Sponsors dinner

Thursday evening 15th March
Time to relax with your peers and enjoy a first class dinnerwith colleagues in delightful, traditional Italian surroundings with view over the Vatican and Rome.
The Sponsor’s dinner is included in the conference fee.

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Training Course

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about fundamentals of thermoforming.This workshop

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Newsletter Autumn 2017

Welcome to the autumn edition of our newsletter 2017

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Sponsorship 2018

The "Sponsorship 2018 form" is available for download now.

You can download the pdf below:

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Parts Exhibition 2018

The "Parts exhibition 2018 folder" is available for download now

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Newsletter Spring 2017

Welcome to the spring edition of our newsletter 2017

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European Thermoforming Division

La Division européenne de thermoformage (ETD) est une division de la Société des ingénieurs de plastique et son rôle est de servir le secteur européen du thermoformage.

Sa mission est la suivante :
la Division européenne de thermoformage a pour but de stimuler et de diffuser les connaissances dans tous les aspects du secteur du thermoformage. Cela sera possible grâce aux conférences, séminaires de formation et bulletins d’informations réguliers. Elle fournira une plateforme de réseau dynamique et encouragera la participation scientifique et technique de ses membres.


2020-03-18 (Mercredi)
12th European Thermoforming Conference 2020

12th SPE European Thermoforming Conference


The European Thermoforming Division invites you to the 12th European Thermoforming Conference to be held in Geneva from 18th to 20th March 2020.


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2018-03-14 (Mercredi)
11th European Thermoforming Conference 2018

11th SPE European Thermoforming Conference - First announcement and call for technical papers

This Biennial conference allows you to keep abreast of developments within the world of...

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2017-01-03 (Mardi)
10th European Thermoforming Conference 2016

Report 10th SPE European Thermoforming Conference

The conference was an outstanding success, this year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the formation of the SPE European Thermoforming Division and our 10th  conference.

From its initial beginning in 1996 until today there has been a growing together of the thermoforming industry as it expands into different parts of the plastics market and the theme of this year’s conference was Evolution- Thermoforming-Destination.  Over the last 20 years the thermoforming industry has gone through major changes as the companies involved have had to adapt and innovate to stay not only current but to be ahead of the market needs.  This is one of the main reasons that thermoformers from across the world attend the SPE ETD Conference.  Speakers and delegates discussed a wide range of subjects that are pertinent to todays and tomorrow’s needs.

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